Monday, 3 October 2016

3 best smartphone games having amazing graphics and features

Nowadays smartphones are coming up with more powerful features, so they are more capable of handling the graphics games. So we can say that we have a list of HD games which you can experience with the high featured smartphone. As most of the smartphones have Android OS then we can also say that the list of best Android games.

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1.       Modern combat 5; blackout.
This game has amazing graphics and is a shooting game which is available to download. A gamer will have to play as a soldier in this game which has different abilities like running, throwing, shooting, sprinting etc. which he can use so as to kill the opponent. This game also comprises different locations to play with like Venice, construction site. It has a vast variety of weapons which you can unlock while playing and finishing different stages of the game.
2.       Asphalt 8; Airborne
It is basically a racing game and the also a successor of Asphalt 7; heat. It has now the option of tilt a screen to control, with on the screen available steering and on the screen buttons to control the cars. It also has a vast variety of cars with some latest model cars of a real world in the game. The player can even have the option to drive a concept car. A player can play in two different modes, a single-player and a multi-player to play the game.
3.       Real racing 3

Next in the list is Real Racing 3 which is also a racing game but a track racing game. It has amazing graphics and attractive features which will differentiate it with the competitors. The game has simple controls to drive the car in the includes some challenges which a player has to finish in order to get a new car. It also has two modes to play a single player and a multiplayer mode. It is a free game to enjoy playing and experiencing an amazing game.

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