Monday, 3 October 2016

4 android games to play in the year of 2016

Many new games are coming up every month in the Google play store to entertain the players and game lovers, but some games are there which suddenly will becomes a sensation in the gaming world right with their arrival. Some of the games which are in the latest buzz because of their features or puzzles or some technique, we are listed here which are among the top android games.


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1.         Lifeline: crisis line
It is available with the cost of $2.99 and offers some in-app is a game where you will get a text for the scenario of the game and then you have to decide what’s going on and respond accordingly. You are actually playing a detective to solve a murder case in the game. You will have a different puzzle which you need to solve so as to proceed in the case.
2.         Kerflux
It is a free game which a few number of puzzles in which you will get a few different waves. A player has a wave which he can move and he has to do the task in a way that the wave should match the final wave. It is a free game and also will cost up to $7.99 through some in-app purchases or donations for the developer (if you want).
3.         Hovercraft: Takedown
This one is also a free game with some in-app purchases. It is a racing game in which you have to drive with speed while racing with the bad guys of the game. You will further have your own vehicles and a number of weapons to battle with the opponent.
4.         Bulb Boy

It is an adventure game and will cost you $2.49 in which you have to play the character of a bulb this game bulb boy was awakened by a bad dream in which he has to save the day by taking down the bad guys.