Monday, 3 October 2016

6 best apps that you should have for your PC for an easy life

If you have a PC and a busy work schedule then there should be something in your PC which will assist you while working. There are certain apps for you so as to help you in doing the task with an ease.

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The must-have free apps for your PC
1.       Avira Antivirus
First, you should have an antivirus for your PC to protect it from the latest worm or viruses in the cyber hub. It is a free app to have in your system and it will protect the system from worms, viruses, malware and infected files.
2.       Libre office
It is a must have app for you on your PC to do your tasks easily. It has all the features as of Microsoft office like presentations, spreadsheets, vector graphics, databases and mathematical formulae etc.
3.       Google chrome
Google chrome is the next app that you should have in your system as it is a fastest browsing app to help you find something or browsing something on the internet.
4.       GIMP
          This is an alternative for the Photoshop to have the best-edited  pictures on your PC. It includes some smart tools which are free to use like transformations, clone stamp, healing brush etc. through which you will get awesomely edited pictures.
5.       Music bee
It is next to free app that you should select the music playlist. You can organize or stream the player as per your choice.
Everything you want in a music player is there in this app. you can manage the music playlist of your easily with this app.

6.       Foxit Reader
Next is the Foxit reader in the list through which you can create, read and then convert it to the PDF. You can convert the office files or scanned copies of the documents into the PDF format.

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