Monday, 3 October 2016

7 best android games to experience while relaxing

There are a number of Gaming apps which are famous and offer you amazing puzzles to solve and so maintain the interest of  a player but there are a few number of apps which can give you a real-time gaming experience and provide you a rich set of features in the game so as to maintain the interest for continuous playing without being bored of the game. So we are here with the list of 10 best android games.

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1.         Ancestor
It is an action game which further has a puzzle which is mixed with a side scrolling action runner. A sharp thinking and quick response are needed for the level up in this particular game.

2.         Pokémon Go
It is the next game in which you have to find and catch the Pokémon for the future battles. It is based on augmented reality.

3.         Vainglory
It is basically an action game in which the gamer has to jump directly into the battle with the random selection of teammates and opponents.

4.         Asphalt 8
Next in the category is the racing game which is an improved version of the Airborne. Players can start with the career mode and then they can unlock many more new rides, they can also upgrade with the present belongings.

5.         Disney crossy Road
It is a fun game in which to choose a character from the famous Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald duck etc. and cross the road while avoiding the traffic on the road.

6.         Hearthstone
This game is based on the turn and basically a card game. You have to defeat the online players present in the game with your card which is based on Warcraft universe.

7.         Smash Hit

It is a target practice game in which players has to smash the glass obstacles present in the game and to tap the screen so as to toss the marble of the game.

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